-MK Auto Scrubber – SC50C Cable has compact design, integrated shell and firm structure with convenient yet simple control operation.
-Auto Scrubber – SC50C comes with one (1) Scrubbing Brush (20 inches) & one (1) Pad Holder (20 inches).
-Auto Scrubber – SC50C increases productivity with extra-large tank (solution tank of 40L and recovery tank of 50L) that reduces frequency of changing water.
-Auto Scrubber – SC50C is highly recommended for use in food court, office, classroom, kitchen, supermarket, etc.
-Voltage : 220V
-Brush Diameter : 510mm
-Brush Rotation Speed : 210rpm/min
-Sucking Degree : 180mbar
-Cleaning Width : 510mm
-Clean Water Capacity : 40L
-Dirty Water Capacity : 50L
-Cable Length : 15m
-Weight : 78kg
-Specification (mm) : 1240mm (W) x 620mm (D) x 950mm (H)
-Working Capacity : 1750 meter square per hour

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