-MK Multi-Functional Black Janitor Cart comes with Yellow Zippered Nylon Bag with Air-Tight Lid, Red Cleaning Buckets (2 x 15L), Blue Cleaning Buckets (2 x 15L) and Down Press Mop Wringer with Support Bar.
-Multi-Functional Janitor Cart has foldable handle assemble and rear platform thus, saving storage space.
-Multi-Functional Janitor Cart has bigger, real non-marking wheel – Front Wheels (2 x 80mm) and Back Wheels (2 x 200mm) to have better support.
-Multi-Functional Janitor Cart has two (2) equipment holders and one (1) push handle with waste bag holding frame.
-Material: Polypropylene (PP plastic)
-Size (mm): 1190mm (W) x 515mm (D) x 1120mm (H)

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