-MK Auto Scrubber – SC2A Cable has excellent weight distribution, great capacity tank and scrubbing width. This ergonomic machine aims to maximize work by ensuring uniform washing and perfect drying of the floor surface in a unique time.
-Auto Scrubber – SC2A comes with one (1) Scrubbing Brush (16 inches) and one (1) Pad Holder (16 inches).
-Auto Scrubber – SC2A increases productivity with large tank (solution tank of 35L and recovery tank of 18L) that reduces frequency of changing water.
-Auto Scrubber – SC2A is highly recommended for use in food court, office, classroom, kitchen, supermarket, etc.
-Voltage : 220v – 230v/50Hz
-Brush Diameter : 455mm
-Brush Rotation Speed : 148rpm/min
-Brush Pressure : 30kg
-Cleaning Width : 455mm
-Clean Water Capacity : 35L
-Dirty Water Capacity : 18L
-Cable Length : 18m
-Weight : 75kg
-Specification (mm) : 1060mm (W) x 650mm (D) x 1025mm (H)
-Working Capacity : 1660 meter square per hour

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